Friday, July 25, 2014

My July Holidays

In the  holidays my Cousin and me got drop off at Sylvia Park. We walk into the  movies. We pick our movie we're going to watch but the line was long so we went for 2 hours looking around at the shops. Then We came back  3 people standing in line my Cousin said awesome we walk to the one of the workers and got 2 tickets for how to train your dragon 2 Then we got some food to eat my we watch. For about 1-2 hours We walk out of the movies Walk into a shop  got some new stuff. My Cousin put on his hat was a red nose pitbull just like his dog at home and it said the dogs name on it. Then he called his mum and dad to pick us up. We went back to my cousin home and played Ps3 for 4 hours then walk up to the intent cafea and played into 6:00 pm.

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