Friday, May 31, 2013


Kids eat lollies because they taste sweet and soft . Lollies make kids happy and hyper when they eat too much lollies. Candy have different kinds of colours. But the sweetness  in the lollies  taste amazing!!

Lollies makes kid’s big and lazy. Kid’s lose their teeth because the lollies have lots of sugar in them and its not good for their teeth and thats how their teeth gets rotten.  

Lollies  are real cheap to buy too. There are also chocolate lollies,they taste yummy and melt in your mouth. Lollipops are small and some are gigantic. Kid’s love all sorts of lollies big and small.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Most people are obese because they are eating  fat foods and not eating good food for the body. Obese people  don’t eat good food for the  body and bad food is not ok for the heart. In America people overeat and eat too much junk food.  
Obese people are alway short of breath and have knee pain because of their body weight. Coffins are bigger and larger because people are getting fatter.

I think obese people should change their lifestyle. They have to eat less food. Obese people should do exercise.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Report of eggs

Fact. Do you know that New Zealanders eat 920,000,000 in a year ( mostly caged eggs)

The farmer puts six hens per cage,the hens cage is angled so that the eggs can roll down .Cooked eggs have protein in it but raw eggs not have protein in it.White hens lay White eggs and brown hens lay brown eggs.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Holidays

On saturday it was raining and it was cold  . My cousins and my Aunty and me went to the movies to watch Iron man 3 . At the end of the movie Iron man armor is coming on to his body and his girlfriend beats him in a battle.

I thought of Ironman was awesomes and he won the battle also I liked it when the little boy was with iron man to help him to build his robot. After the movie me and my  cousins went to the time out and  played shooting games and car games.