Friday, July 25, 2014

Immersion Assembly

On the first day back to school we all went to immersion assembly Mr Jacobsen introduction as back to school. Mr Jacobsen went up came back out on a his mountain bike and Miss Tito was riding on her long distance bike and Mr J had one to. Miss Tito was riding her bike on the stage. Then Mr Burt `pop out on the big screen in the hall he said Where am I and Mr Burt  send us a form to find Mr Burt because he was in USA next pictures to give us clues.

Next Team 1 came up to the stage they show all of us what countries  are in the Commonwealth Games 2014 54 nations as a family. Then Team 1 made  of the teachers the Queen of England. It was funny because she was my first  teacher in the school she look almost the Queen of England but funnier .

The awesome Team 2 did sport they did boxing , shot put , spirit and Javelin and first one was running. It was so funny because as she was running in the clip made most of the. Year 7 and 8  laugh next was shot put a teacher was trying to be the next best shot put player in the world. Javelin was next but  she had a wood it was a little bit funny. Then all 4 teachers in the spirit  it look like no won next boxing 2 teachers boxing it was hilarious.

Team 3 had done  rhythmic gymnastics they look awesome but their dancing was out of hand. As we watch them dance on the projector they had rhythmic gymnastics dancing I have to say . The teachers  at Pt England are not good at dancing and not fit to do rhythmic gymnastics. As they walk off the stage to sit down in my head it was funny. Time for team 4.

As it was Team 4 turn it doesn't look funny for team 4 on the movie clip my made first up Mr S was eliminated for cheating it was not sad. They had to make something out of mashed potato it look funny sometimes and Mr S was in the . Stans and doing some funny faces while watching the teachers playing with mashed potato in my head it was horrible to watch people playing with mashed potato. I forgot the person who won.

Team 5 had fun going to america one teacher went to New York and my teacher went to. Atlantis and Miss Clarke had see Kim Kardashian I think Miss Clarke  loves . Kim Kardashian and Miss Paget went a air show and took pictures to show us Miss Paget Took a pictures of thee people who were at the beach it look like more than 1,000 people. Miss Clarke Interview a lady from New York Miss Clarke said some question.

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