Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I had superpowers

If I had superpowers my superpowers are  and fly and saving people.

If I can fly I can save people in planes and fly into space and look at the earth and fly to school and join the air force. To save my land so the bad one’s don’t kill the people and kids. Bad guys are not doing anything because they are scared of the new superpower kid. I have a new suit that the Mayor gave to me and I started to feel like a superhero.

I have a new identity and I fight gangsters to save people's life I have the key to the City and fly all around the world.

Monday, July 8, 2013

One bad day

one windy day Funny Money as walking to the park at lunchtime at school.When the bell went he As the only one on the park. Then he can hear gunshots at the reserve. He went to go and tell Mr Burt then he saw Honey Bunny .
said where are you going and Funny Money said I'm going to    
tell Mr Burt. And Honey Bunny said can I come help you.


As I was climbing the  treacherous  mountain I thought that I might die.As the blazing hot sun was shinning down on my face my eyes started to  go watery.

The quotes  William feather in to never give up and succeed are dreamers.