Monday, December 2, 2013

Fun weekend with my dad

I stayed over my nan's house for the weekend. As I come in I saw my dad I said hi dad how have you been he said I missed you so much my son I said I missed you to dad we hanged out for the day. We played the ps3  and we played mw3 and Gta 5 me and my dad play a game outside playing with some guns. I shot my dad in the leg two times and he did one head shot I fell on the ground and then got up then started running after him I had a big bb gun by Nathan room 21.


  1. Hey Nathan I like how you had fun with your dad in the weekend keep up the good work and have heaps of fun by Michael room 21

  2. Hi Nathan I like your story about you and your dad having lots of fun keep up the good work


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