Friday, February 18, 2011


On Saturday I went camping with dad down at the Point England Reserve. We put our tents up then we went fishing off the cliff. We got our fishing rods and we walked out to the Point and went floundering. We caught two flounders. We went back to the tents and made a fire and cooked them for our dinner. They were delicious.


  1. Hey Nathan,
    I'm a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL and I'm studying to be a math teacher. I'm taking a technology class at my college and we get to comment on student's blogs each week and this week I get the opportunity to comment on yours.
    I see that you are from New Zealand. That is so cool! I've been to Australia and I loved it and the country was so beautiful, but I've never been to New Zealand. I would love to go some day. Have you ever been to America?
    I read your post on camping and that sounds really fun too. I can't believe you actually went fishing and then cooked the fish you caught. I've never been camping in a tent before and I've never had to catch my own food to cook. I'm not really a "camping" type girl! Haha! But I have camped in an RV at the lake before and I loved it!
    I hope you have more fun times with your Dad!

  2. Hi Nathan, Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, camping and fishing. I have only been floundering once, along time ago, and we didn't catch any fish. It was still a fun experience. You must be a good fisherman.

  3. Hi Nathan was it cooled when you went camping because it was cold when I went camping.

  4. Hey Nathan It sounds like you had a good time with your dad.Did you know I've never been camping out sounds like you enjoyed your delicious dinner.
    by Esrah

  5. Hi Nathan cool going camping I have been floundering before cool I want to come


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